Sunday, June 23, 2013

DIY Bohemian Pearl Crown Headpiece

Hi guys! I've been really bad at getting DIY projects done since my sister has been here for the past two months, but now I'm back in the game!

This weekend the midsummer festivities were in full gear in Finland.I didn't even realize how much I missed everyone and everything back home until I started seeing friends' posts about midsummer on Facebook. It's the start of summer, everyone celebrates in their own way (being outside is usually a key ingredient!) and you can even do some midsummer magic! Flower hairpieces are popular to make, but it's so hot&dry out here that finding wild flowers wasn't too easy.

Well today I just felt super inspired to make a pearl crown, using stuff I already had from previous projects. You might remember the bridal accessories I made for a friend for her New Year's Eve wedding?

So I wanted to continue on that series to make a more lasting midsummer's hairpiece, which will be a perfect addition to my photography prop pile, too.

How to:

Make a loop using a pretty strong wire. I did three rounds, twisting both the ends around the other loops for half a loop per end. Don't make it too tight! You want it to be big enough to just place on top of your hairdo, not so tight you'll go nuts wearing it.

Pick out your pearls. I recommend using a few basic pretty neutral ones (small and big silver ones), some clear "crystally" ones, some sparkly ones and maybe pick one that really stands out (like my dark blue-silverish ones). You also need a thin wire that fits through the pearls.

Start looping the wire around your crown, adding pearls as you go. Leave a bit of the starting end of the wire undone; I'll explain why in a sec.

Go all the way around! You can use shortish pieces so they don't get too tangled up.
Always remember to put the ends of the wire inside pearls so they don't poke out (uncomfortable!). So after you've twisted for a while, you can put the ends you've left out inside pearls that are already attached to the crown.

When you've come all the way around, start a new way of putting pearls onto the crown; add a few pearls to your wire, twist them around themselves and then continue to twist the wire around the main wire (so the clump of pearls is coming a bit out from the crown instead of just being all around the main wire).

When you've done a layer of those, you can start to just build up the amount of pearls until you're happy with the result.

Pair with some beachy waves and you're good to go!


  1. I love this!!! I'll have to make one for my summer wardrobe.