Wednesday, December 19, 2012

19th: DIY Paris Cappuccino Cups

Christmas Calendar, Day 19

For the Coffee Craving: Hand Drawn Cappuccino Cups

I was having a tough time deciding what to make for my sister-in-law; none of my ideas seemed to be a perfect fit. When I saw this really cute photo of a painted mug by Lana Red on, I could almost have hit myself on the forehead.


My sister-in-law loves coffee!

Lana Red had made Holland themed coffee mugs, with a black&white design that resonated with my minimalistic Finnish taste. That of course inspired my way of drawing Paris (have I mentioned J'adoooore Paris?). 

How to:

I got the cappuccino cups at Target (3,99 a piece) and the Deco Art Glass Paint Marker from JoAnns. I chose this marker, since you are able to make the cups dishwasher safe with it.

* Wash the cups. Before drawing on an area, rub it with a paper towel (the grease from your fingers will ruin the marker trace)

* Press the pen down against some paper until color starts to sip down to the tip

* If you want to make a straight line, you can keep the pen on a pile of books and then just turn the cup around to make an even line

* Draw your stuff!

* If you mess up, you can rub the color off with a damp paper towel (at least I could even if it dried for several minutes)

* Allow 4 hours to dry

If you want it dishwasher safe (read the instructions in case they're different on whatever you're using!):

* After the 4 hour drying time, but within 8 hours of drawing, put your pottery into a still cold oven, and then turn oven on to 375 degrees Fahrenheit

* Bake your pottery in the oven for 40 minutes (start timer when 375 is reached)

* After the 40 minutes, just turn off the oven, open the oven door and let the cups cool down.


Thank you Lana Red for this awesome idea,
 go check her blog out and let her cute coffee cup drawings inspire yours, too!

Update: Just washed one another thing I made this way in the dishwasher, and it looks exactly the same.


  1. these are so fun!! i have seen quite a few personalized mug projects around, but this is my favorite- loving the large mugs and drawings.

    1. Thanks Jodi, that's so sweet! I envy Lana Red's drawing skills, though :)

  • Hi! I know this post is hold, so I hope you see this. I'm looking for something to bring to a book signing and have my favorite author sign, but I have an e-reader so I don't actually physically have the book. I ran across this and thought, wow, what a perfect idea--but is it difficult to work with? Does the pen require a special touch or a harder press, or does it write as easily as a fresh sharpie? I would hate to throw off his rhythm. Thank you!

    1. Hi Rachael! The pen was pretty okay to work with I think, the bigger problem is keeping the cup clean enough so that the color from the pen stays on. It kind of leaks a bit if there's any grease from the hands on the cup. Maybe bring an antiseptic tissue-thing with you to wipe it off with it & a paper towel to get it dry?