Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY Gorgeous Flower Crown

Ever look at those gorgeous bohemian shots on Pinterest (you know the ones I'm talking about), and wish you could make such a flower crown? I've got you covered! I'm making all kinds of accessories for photo shoots, and this yellow flower crown we're using on a shoot in a few weeks.

What you need:

Faux flowers, wire (I used this green covered one from Michaels) and floral stem wrap tape.

How to:

Cut the flowers, leaving some stem.

Place them out so you'll see how many you need for the fullness you want.

Cut the amount of wire you need, leaving extra for a loop and a "clasp", so you can adjust it according to whomever uses it.

Put some of the tame around the loop to attach it. You can put tape around the clasp's end, too, to keep it from unraveling and to make it softer.

Cut about 5 inch pieces of tape (you'll soon figure out how long pieces you want to use). Start wrapping it around the wire from one end, pulling a little as you go (not too much since it rips pretty easily). Put a stem along the wire, and wrap it in with the tape. Keep adding flowers as you've secured one. With a new piece of tape, always wrap it around a couple times before adding a flower.

Go all the way, and you're done!

(Portraits by Hannah of , my new partner in photography crime)

Used a peachy red one in this shoot.

Also used a yellow and green one for a shoot with a little girl.