Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Busy busy busy.

Hi guys, I'm very sorry I haven't been writing in a while, life has gotten in the way.

My sister is here still for 3 more weeks, so we're running around photographing beautiful San Francisco Bay Area girls. A while ago we shot Tara, take a peek at her photos at my photo shoot blog.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hideaway: Mom and Dad's Beach House

So my Mom and Dad sail, which anyone who steps into their beach house could guess. They've collected sea stuff here and there, combining and building them into different things.

They took the photos with a phone since their camera is lost, but I think we'll manage:

They took this harbor photo in San Francisco when they were visiting us, and had it printed out. Then they just put it behind an old window frame.

A corner is where they collect driftwood pieces.

They built this elevated kitchen table out of some second hand wood they got from my aunt.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to cut your own bangs.

MONTHS ago I was agonizing about whether or not to cut my bangs. Well, a few days ago I decided I want to cut them. I saw some recent photos of myself and just cringed when I saw my semi grown out bangs just hanging there, with no purpose but to confuse innocent bystanders. And of course the cutting was something that needed to be documented! And it turned into a how to, so let's get to it:

Pick a spot at the top of your head. Since I always keep my parting on the left side, I decided to pick the spot from along my parting. Then make two parts in a triangle-ish shape towards the front, leaving the hair you want for your bangs at the front and the rest secured back with hair clips. If you picked your starting spot at the center you can easily do a symmetrical parting, but since I wanted to keep my side parting my triangle is more wonky. 

Use scissors that are meant for cutting hair. Cut your bangs to the length your want them (careful!).

Then take your scissors, hold on to them in the same direction as your bangs (vertically), and start chopping just a couple mm in to your bangs. This will make your bangs a little bit more lively and textured.

The wicked wind kept messing up this shot with flyaways! Oh well.

So relieved to have my bangs back! I can't believe I ever doubted them. Remind me to read this the next time I even think of growing them out.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

DIY Stripe Stamped Herb Pots (Basil)

I wanted stripes onto one of our basil pots, but it took me a while to decide how I'd make the stripes. Well, today I figured it out!

I got some inexpensive stamps at Hobby Lobby a while ago, so I decided to use them in this project. The ink is a permanent one, so I'm confident it'll stick to the pot.

How to:

Get white pots (or as in my case, bought some pots at IKEA and painted them white). Mine aren't the shiny kind, not sure how the stamp ink sticks to those.

Tape together letter stamps...

... and stamp away!

Let dry. Done!

Now I just have one more pot to decorate...

Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY Dragonfly Themed Burlap Cushion Covers with Fringe

Me and my sister are working with some models to build up our portfolios. There are a few shoots where I wanted to have some cushions as props, and wanted them all to have the same theme. Since it's so summery here already, I went for dragonflies.

These will look cool in our guest room once the shoots are over. They work as decoration very well, but the burlap is so ticklish! So they are definitely not for snuggling.

How to:

Cut cushion pieces (two per cushion). Make them bigger that the cushions; I made mine 2 inches wider on each side to have some extra fabric for the fringes.

Make a dragon fly stamp for cushion nr 1. You can see how to make stamps in this post.
Put fabric paint on the stamp with a brush.

(If you want more "coverage" than with the stamp, you can cut out a stencil instead, and use it several times)

Then you need a text stencil for cushion number two. You basically just cut out the text you want to use (print out some text from your computer if you don't feel confident drawing your own). I made this wrap around text in iDraw, e-mail me if you want to use the same template!

Protect your work surface! Dab on fabric paint with a foam brush.

For cushion nr 3 I also made a stencil: just cut out a dragonfly shaped hole in some paper.
(Again, let me know if you want me to e-mail you the template)

Dab the fabric paint with the foam brush again.

Let them dry.

Sew the edges together (put the cushion in there before you sew the last edge), leaving the extra fabric outwards.

Then start pulling away at the burlap to make the fringe.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY Magazine Cover Mock Up

Hi guys,

I wanted to make a series of mock up magazine covers, and could start now that I've had a few shoots. I decided to name the magazine Muse, since these girls have been so inspiring to shoot!

My first muse was Bree; you can see a couple more magazine covers at my photo shoot blog.

I used iDraw to make the cover, super easy! How?

1. Take a photo. Edit it as you wish.

2. Open the photo in iDraw (or your preferred software)

3. Create a new layer

4. Type your text, select fonts, sizes etc, and move them around. You can turn texts 90 degrees, too (like "THE" is here).

(If you want to "watermark" your work, create yet another layer, type your text (here in white) and tune down the opacity of the layer.)

5. Go to OfficeMax and print them out on matte thick-ish paper for under a dollar per letter sized image (friends back home, that's almost like the paper size A4).

You can see a few more magazine covers with Bree at my photo shoot blog.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

DIY Neon Flower Print Top

I had trouble finding print tops that I liked, so I bought a few white ones (Target) to modify. This one was super easy to do, you just need some fabric paint in a color you love/want to match with your outfit and 4+4 hours of drying time if you make prints on both sides.

How to:

Pick a fun fabric paint color to make your flowers with,
(I used Tulip Slick in Neon Coral).

Wash your top!

Stick paper/parchment paper inside the top to protect it in case the paint leaks through.

Put some of the paint on paper or some other table protecting surface.

Dip and dab a foam brush in the paint, and then randomly dab some flowers onto your top. I made more flowers at the top, and less towards the bottom (I managed to stick in some "ombre" into this project as well, haha).

Then make the centers of the flowers with another darker color on top
(I used Tulip Puffy in Black).

Let dry, repeat on the other side.



Something strange happens to this really bright coral color in photos, this is the closest we could get to the original color in photos: