Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY Bamboo Ladder

(Tote is from a previous project)

Back in Finland we had a bamboo ladder that I loved. It was so handy for blankets, towels etc. It was really light (and store bought), now I wanted to make a dark one for our guest room.

I found these bamboo sticks at Michaels. I think they were about 7 dollars each, it's been so long since I bought them.. I got three of them: two for legs and the third one I cut into 3 ladder pieces.

Saw as many "dents" as you need for your ladder sticks. I just started to saw sort of diagonally and when getting closer to the middle I could bread off the piece quite easily.

Place them out to see how you want them. Since my ladder pieces stick out a bit, they'll be perfect for hanging bags or accessories, too.

Start with the string going to opposite "corners" of the intersection.

Take the strings around the longer sticks.

Then again cross to opposite corners. Repeat until you're satisfied with the amont of string.

I think I might throw in some hot glue in there, we'll see.

This took a while (the sawing mainly) but it was soo worth it!


  1. This is such a simply beautiful decor piece - love it! :)