Thursday, April 25, 2013

DIY Playing Card Necklace

The first time I went into a Michaels I was very much amazed. I'd only recently discovered several good arts and crafts stores back in Finland since I was making things for our wedding, but the stores here in the US are so much bigger! With LOTS more stuff! So I bought A LOT of things that I wasn't sure about what to do with yet. Well, last week I figured out what to do with these mini "playing cards" I bought: a necklace!

How to:

Mod Podge together two playing cards, let dry.

Mod Podge one side of the playing card duos, let dry, and them Mod Podge the other side.

You could put on one more layer to make them stronger.

Make holes at one end of the playing cards.

I attached two big jump rings to each other (using pliers).

I attached three different lengths of chain onto the jump rings, one end on each (using pliers).

I attached the playing cards to the chain with jump rings (using pliers).


All done!

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