Thursday, October 18, 2012

Easy DIY Pocket Watch Necklace

Last summer I bought this really pretty silver pocket watch necklace, which cost me a lot of money. It felt worth it, since the necklace was timeless (pun intended!). Well, after just a week the necklace broke and I returned it. When I went to a crafts store yesterday, I was so happy to find a pocket watch! 

(The lipstick is Lumene's nr 65, "Flowers")

This one you can customize and re-make whenever you need a change, so easy and quick!

You need:
* Pocket Watch 
(Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby.... they we're in a more crafty section at Michaels, not the jewellery one)
* Chain (jewellery section of crafts stores)
* Pinces to maneuver the chain (you'll need to attach the ends together)
* Stuff to put in your watch
* Strong glue to attach the back of the watch

I had this thought about filling the watch with "clock insides" (found at the same shops), as I love how clocks look. But, I wanted something really "me" in there, so I went for a piece of measuring tape. For fun, I just had to try different things:

For the... crafty:

For the... seamstress:

For the... other seamstress?

For the... cook:

What would you put in your pocket watch?

Some fun stuff out at Polyvore, the "Double Time" Necklace is fun!

Pocket Watches

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