Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DIY Compass Pendant Necklace

You guys know how travel sick I've been lately, so I wanted to continue with the travel theme. A compass pendant necklace seems to pull together many outfits!

What you need:

I got chain (Bead Landing), some compass coins (Tim Holtz idea-ology, 5 pieces), gears (Bead Landing "Found Objects", 5 pieces) and a customizable pendant with glass (Industrial Chic by Susan Lenart Kazmer). I discovered that a couple of the compass coins, gears and time pieces (below) fit pretty much exactly into the pendant! I bought everything at Michaels.

You can just as easily use timepieces (Tim Holtz). I made a pocket watch pendant with this method for my sister as a good bye gift when she left.

How to:

Glue the compass and the gear together with a small amount of good glue. Let dry.

Hold together the compass, gear and one of the glass pieces that came with the pendant. Put glue around the edge, and put inside the pendant and snap shut (make sure you have N facing upwards!). Put glue on the snap-thing. Let dry.

Put your chain on (using pliers helps). Done!


  1. I really love this but I can't find the pendant anywhere, could you link me to it if thats possible please?


      It's the third one from the bottom. Can't find it as an individual item in their online store, though :(