Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY One Hour Semi-Pleated Maxi Skirt

When I was packing for Finland I wanted to take a maxi skirt with me. I knew I wanted to have one in silver; it looks so good with white and leather. I tried a silver skirt on at American Apparel, but figured I could save a few bucks. I ended up spending about 10 dollars on the materials, whereas the skirt was almost 70 bucks at the store. Theirs was super nice, though, and had teeny tiny pleats which I don't know how to recreate.

We were so busy with all the preparations for the trip, that I forgot to sew the skirt. On the day of our flight I just threw the fabric in my suitcase; I could always sew it with Mom's machine. This one beautiful dewy morning I quickly put it together before we headed out to Helsinki with some friends. Making it didn't take more than an hour, and I'm super happy about the result!

(Leather belt by Mango, white tube top from H&M. The necklace is a combination of DIY projects. Here's one and the second one will be added shortly).

How to:

Note: Make sure the pathway stays wide enough for the waistband to have a little wiggle room.

Gorgeous friends! Miss you.


  1. This is a gorgeous dress! We're loving how you can dress it up or down. Great job!