Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Take Me to Helsinki!

Guys! We get to go to Finland after all! Like really soon. Like in 7 hours we'll be sitting in the plane.

Finland is all about the blue waters and the white snow (even though there's no snow in sight right now!). I like blue and white in combination, when it's not in a sailing kinda theme. More of a tribal and/or Grecian feel is perfect for me!

Right now I'm obsessed with lace, studs and tribals. And putting them together in an outfit is the best! The white/light tops with lace neutralize the bold prints, and you can look laid back, bohemian, travel-y, and romantic at the same time. Combining the tribal with a studded top brings a little bit more edge.

I like shopping on a budget, and these items varied between 10 and 35 dollars. Not too bad!

So let's break it down;

What to pack for Helsinki in summertime:

Light dress with polka dot tulle from Papaya.
Tribal patterned shorts, powder top with lace and Grecian feel tunic with zipper from Forever21.
White top with studded shoulders from Charlotte Russe.

The little white dress will be perfect for hot days. Otherwise I'll combine the tunic with regular jeans, or a white lace/studded top with either of the shorts.

Tribal blue&white bag & scarf from Target.
Tribal shredded jeans from Nordstrom Rack (by fire los angeles).
Bleached shorts from Forever21.

Well I just HAD TO have this bag; it's a perfect carryon bag. A scarf can come handy as a coverup, whether it's to protect you from the sun or the summer evening chill. Some jeans and shorts are a must; staying with the blue&white makes color co-ordination a piece of cake.

I'm also bringing a couple maxi skirts (black, coral) to wear with basic white/black tops/tube tops, and a black maxi dress in a stretchy fabric (more on that dress later).

I might not be able to do blogging during the trip since it's a pretty short one and there's so much to do and so many sweeties to see, but I'll keep you guys in mind and try to come up with something fun.


PS: The bamboo ladder is a DIY project from a previous post.


  1. I love this tutorial! I just wanted to let you know I featured you with a link back at inspiringhomestyle