Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY Bohemian Chain Hairpiece That Doubles As A Necklace

My sister and I had a shoot with Tiffany a few weeks back, and I needed an accessory that would work for the shoot. I ended up making a chain thingie that can be used either as a necklace (or an add-on necklace) or as a hairpiece. LOVE how it turned out! I keep adding it on every time I use a silver colored necklace.

I used pliers to attach the two bigger jump rings to each other. If I had used only one big jump ring to attach the chais to to they would get all jumbled up. I attached three different lengths of chain to the rings. You could use a different type of chain for each loop, too, for a different look.

For a hair accessory, just pin the chains to your hairdo. The top ones on each sides have to be pinned across pretty tightly so it stays on, but the other ones can be a bit more loose.

Or add on to get more layers with another necklace:

(The measuring tape pocket watch is another DIY project)

I made a similar necklace earlier, but I attached charms on it.

PS: For more shots of Tiffany, head on over to my photo shoot blog.


  1. Excellent choice of model. She does justice to your chains! Great work!

    1. Yes she does :) thank you!